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Paintings credited to American artist Thomas Clarkson Oliver (1827-93) sometimes come to auction, and usually achieve somewhere in the variety of $300 to $1700, depending upon the desirability, presentation, and overall condition of the product.A lot of his paintings have been commonly recreated as prints. I recommend you approach some regional art dealerships or an auction home for further if you are hoping to sell this product suggestions. The world of art does not only value paintings, however. If you are still uncertain whether you have a print or a painting, look thoroughly to see if you can recognize little dots on the surface.K Yoshii is also a listed artist, and you will likewise be able to get information on the site I have suggested.

If your painting proves to be an authentic painting by the American artist Alfred Thompson Bricher (1837-1908) then it will undoubtedly be an important product. In your area based auction homes, art dealerships, and art appraisers are all easily found by looking into on the internet. In my opinion it is impossible to recommend an accurate value for an item without seeing it face to face.There are a great lots of artists named Antonio, and it is also a name utilized paint by numbers australia on some of the art work produced by the painting factories in Dafen, China. Debra Stroud has actually some work listed on The paintings that have actually gone through auction to date have actually been valued at around $200.

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I suspect your item might, in reality, be a print of the popular painting by Rembrandt. Right-click and save the images to download them to your computer system. Click the border you want to use to open it on a new page and then right-click the image and wait to your computer.Morales is not an uncommon name, so there are likely to be various unlisted amateur artists likewise signing this way.

I recommend you show it to an art sales professional in your area who might have the ability to offer you even more recommendations. The majority of these are not by listed artists or famous artists. There is likewise an additional possibiity that your product is in fact by an unlisted amateur artist. . Even when an expert appraiser gives an appraisal, he can just approximate what the photo might fairly fetch at auction, or, if valuing a product for insurance coverage functions, he may recommend a replacement value (the market price of a similar product purchased from an antiquarian, or art dealer).